Dubkor Continues to Evolve

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Dubkor formerly known as Dubkore is on a musical mission, the talented reggae singer/musician recently staged another concert in his live show series called Reggaevolution.

The event which took place at Pulse 8 in New Kingston featured a number of topflight reggae acts including Ken Boothe, Etana and Junior Reid and the Bloods, Daweh Kongo, Charmaine Limonious alongside Dubkor and the Pikki Head Band.

The show also featured Dr. Carol Cooper who was the guest speaker for the event which was held on African Liberation Day.

Dubkor said the event which is the 5th in the series was well attended. “It’s the 5th show in the series so far and I am happy to say the Reggaevolution series has been growing since we staged the first show last year at Tony’s Bar on Chelsea avenue.

Since we began the series we have featured a variety of established and new acts and the response from the public has been very good,” said the artiste.

Some of the artistes that have performed on other shows in the series are Bounty Killer, Leroy Sibbles, George Nooks, Sizzla, General Trees, Nadine Sutherland, Chronixx and Kabaka Pyramid.

Looking to further entrench himself on the global reggae music scene Dubkor recently released his sophomore album, Rasta Man Riding. The thirteen track album which is available on Itunes and several other leading internet music stores is a remix of his debut album titled Arrogant Man. “We recently released a brand new album; this album is a remix of my previous album. The remix was done by legendary studio engineer Errol Brown. 

Mr. Brown is one of the veterans of this industry and we decided we wanted to mix over the whole album and make it friendlier towards the international market. What we did was to strip down all the tracks and add new instrumentations, so while the songs aren’t new they have a fresher more livelier sound because we have added a lot of horns and stuff like that in order to get the true authentic roots reggae sound. 

So far we have been getting a lot of positive feedback from people all over the world about it,” said Dubkore. The album is also available at Derrick Harriot’s Record Store in Twin Gates Plaza and Country Farm Restaurant which is located 3 Deanery Road in Kingston. Dubkor and the Pikkihead band will be in action at Jamnesia this Saturday in Bulls Bay.
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