American Website Mistakes Charley Black For Sisqo‏

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Dancehall artiste Charley Black is baffled as he recently found out that a picture of him performing on stage with an exotic dancer at an event in St. Mary is currently making the rounds on the internet. 

What’s most surprising of all is the fact that the US based website mediatakeout.com has post the picture online with a caption that reads: “Remember that little freak Sisqo from the group Dru Hill …. Well he was performing at the SKRIP Club when the urge came over him ….”

In a recent interview Charley Black who is currently on tour in Europe said that he was very surprised when he found out about the picture. “I was checking my Face Book profile and realized that somebody post a link from this big American website carrying my picture with a caption saying that I am Sisqo. I had to just shake my head and laugh,” said the artiste.

He also added, ”I’m a concerned about the mistaken identity and what’s even worst is that caption. I was performing at event called Shades On The Beach, it was an adult event, the strippers were there performing too and during my act one of them joined me on stage. 

There was no form of freakiness involved it was just entertainment.” Charley Blacks is currently in France, he will be in Europe until the end of August. “Right now we are in France and we are getting more bookings, everyday management is telling me Charley you have more bookings, so it looks like I will be here until the end of the month. When this tour is finished I will be heading to Africa for a series of shows in Zimbabwe,” he said. 

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