Charley Black Doing Well On Tour In Europe

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Popular dancehall artiste Charley Black who was recently mistakenly identified as Sisqo from Dru Hill by US website Mediateout.com, is getting ready to wrap up his tour of Europe. “The tour has been very good so far, everywhere I’ve performed the people love me, all the venues are full, and every event has been well supported.

To tell the truth I didn’t know that so much people in Europe love Charley Black, the vibes over here for my music is crazy,” said Charley Black. The hard working deejay is currently in France for a number of dates. “Right now we are in France and we are getting more bookings, everyday management is telling me that we have more bookings, so it looks like we will be here until the end of the month.”

After the tour of Europe is completed the Trelawny native will head to the continent of Africa where he is scheduled to perform on a series of shows in Zimbabwe. “Right now Africa is calling for me and I am going there at the end of this tour. I am going to Zimbabwe for a few shows before I come back to Jamaica.
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