L3 Magazine’s August Issue ft. Alaine and more!

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L3 Magazine’s August issue is finally here and features one of Reggae’s most loved singers, Alaine Loughton, one of the Sound Clash arena’s most respected (and feared) sounds, King Addies and one of Jamaica’s fastest rising stars, Ajrenaline. Speaking exclusively to Tricia ‘ZJ Sparks’ Spence, Alaine opens up to the L3 audience about maintaining her stunning physique, how prayer helps to influence her music and similarities between her and Alicia Keys. Alaine also shares a touching experience during an interview in Jambi, Kenya who was “calling about cows and goats in exchange for marriage!” When it comes to the Sound arena, one of the most respected sounds is King Addies. 

Now being managed by Irish and Chin, Natasha Von Castle sat down with King Pin to talk about the expectations that Sound Clash fans have of King Addies, and the Sounds upcoming performance at World Clash in their home town of New York. The two also talk about the Biltmore era and how that helps the Sound in Clash today and the fact that “you want to win and lock off the other sound; that’s your goal.” 

Ajrenaline is one of Jamaica’s fastest rising sensations, and he speaks to Tricia ‘ZJ Sparks’ Spence about music and where he is within the industry right now. How does his future look and what moves will he be making soon? All this and more are revealed! Artists in focus include Bryan Art and Sustane who will each be performing at the Montreal International Reggae Festival later this month, as well as Yung Image and one of Toronto’s promising vocalists, Kash who is ‘kalling all Soldiers home.’

Making their debut from New York is Ahkee and Sojournah who represent the Roots Reggae culture! Also making an appearance is DJ Naz Gurl Power who is our DJ feature of the month! Additional sections of interest are L3’s Top Digital Downloads and Rico Vibes Video Charts. Music review of Chezidek, Red Fox and Bushwood are included as s the latest music releases of albums, riddims and mixtapes. The model of the month / centerfold is shot through the lens of Jerome Dupont who make the color yellow, combined with a multi-color sequins pop for the camera. 

Jimmy Tambou offers delicious vegan recipes and Heike Dempster walks us through Free Art Fridays in Miami, and in California, we get familiar with Subliminal Projects and their feature of BDX-LAX ‘Far Away so Close.’ New York’s own Rick Long, choreographer to the stars makes an appearance as does a review for Groovin in the Park. All of this and more are available in the July issue of L3 Magazine which can be read exclusively at www.L3Magazine.com!
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