Shaggy Dominates Brooklyn and the Reggae Charts

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International superstar Shaggy seems to be having an outstanding year. With his recent stellar performance at Montreal Reggae Festival in Montreal, Canada, Shaggy now holds the 1st, 2nd and 3rd spots on the Reggae iTunes chart.

 Shaggy Dominates Reggae Charts iTunes 1, 2, 3 
Just releasing his second single, 'You Girl' featuring Ne-Yo, off his soon to be released album produced by legendary Sly and Robby, titled Out of Many, One Music, the single is currently #1 on the Reggae iTunes chart.

 "It shows that people are still looking to hear good quality reggae music and the hard work we at Ranch continue to put in daily will pay off.

Out of Many, One Music is filled with great tracks like 'Fight this Feeling' and 'You Girl' and to have the number one, two and three, top selling reggae singles on the iTune's Reggae charts is a good feeling" says Shaggy.

The second top selling single on this weeks iTunes reggae chart is one of Shaggy hits 'It Wasn't Me' and the third top selling reggae single is 'Angel' feat Rayvon both off his album Hot Shot.

Recently, Shaggy was asked 'How do you continue to stay relevant and a headliner, in this ever changing music industry? "Well my formula, may not work for a next artist, but for me, a great team, have fun when working and no sleep. I have fun with every performance, I smile every time I'm in the presence of my fans and I work 23hrs a day. 

Most importantly I make sure develop a solid team to make sure we execute" states Shaggy. Shaggy was this years 'Celebrate Brooklyn' headline act in Prospect Park and pulled record numbers of over 14,000 people. Now off to St. Martin and Houston, Texas, Shaggy will return to New York, on August 29th where he is scheduled to take over New York. 

With over five performances in 3-days it is evident that Shaggy has no intentions to rest anytime soon. "You Girl" is the second single off the forthcoming new album "Out of Many, One Music" featuring Ne-Yo, produced by Sly and Robbie & Sting International.

Purchase 'You Girl' NOW - Shaggy feat. Ne-Yo

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