Shocking Murray Is Number 1

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European based reggae artiste Shocking Murray is all smiles as his career continues to blossom on local soil. The video for his latest single titled So Nice is currently number one on CVM TV’s Hit List On The Rise chart.

“It’s a good look, my video is number 1 on the Hit List, I am very happy that the people love my video. It’s my first number 1 in Jamaica; I have to give thanks for the support of my Jamaican people who have made my video number one,” said the artiste.

Shocking Murray who is originally from Snow Hill in Portland, Jamaica, has been residing in Europe for over a decade now but is still through to his Jamaican roots.

“Although I live in Switzerland, Jamaica is still home for me, no matter where in the world I live I still have to visit my original home, I am and will always be a proud Jamaican. I do a lot of recordings and shows in Europe and other territories but the Jamaican market is very important to me.

That’s why whenever I release a song, album or a music video in Europe I make sure it’s also released in Jamaica, because I know once the people in JA pass it, then the whole world will accept it,” said Shocking Murray. Shocking Murray is currently getting ready to release a follow single and video to So Nice. “Right now I am working on some new projects, I am also getting prepared to drop another single and video real soon in order to capitalize on the success of So Nice.” So Nice was produced by Hopeton Blazze and is the first song to be released on Shocking Murray’s Big Trees label. The video for So Nice was directed by Alain ‘Skanka’ Hottat.
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