UB40 New Album "Getting Over The Storm"

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"It's not a country album, it's a UB40 album. It's a reggae album." - Robin Campbell

2nd September sees the release of UB40's first album in 3 years and 'Getting Over The Storm' is already causing a stir with the Reggae stars fans.

Like many of the bands previous albums, a smattering of cover versions and interpretations of Country songs compliment the group's original material.

UB40's sax player Brian Travers said, "We've all spent a lot of time in Jamaica, and country music is very much part of the fabric. The two genres really sit well together." Astro adds, "In the Caribbean, there are very few households that do not own a Jim Reeves album.

I certainly had them in my house, as did all my West Indian friends when I was growing-up". To celebrate the release of 'Getting Over The Storm', UB40 will be performing live across the UK during September.
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