Charley Blacks Drops New Singles

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Dancehall artiste Charley Black has been on tour in Europe over a month now. However the hard working Trelawny native is making sure that he does not miss a beat at home. He recently released two brand new singles locally, Top General and Fiesta.

Fiesta was recorded in Germany for the German label, Jugglerz Records and Top General was recorded in Germany for Jamaican producer DJ Tropical. Both songs are currently enjoying strong rotation locally.

“Although I’m on tour I have to keep current at home, so I have to record new songs on the road. These songs aren't the only songs I’ve recorded on the road, but they are ones that have been released so far. I have a couple more coming out soon, I just recorded a song a few days ago for Cash Flow Records, thats going to be out in a week or so,” said Charley.

The hard working DJ has a number of dates to complete in Europe before he returns home. “I still have a few more shows to do, I just did a couple shows with Gyptian. The tour should be finished in early October. Its been very good so far, the people love my music and I am getting a positive response from the people everywhere I perform. 

So far I have performed in places like France, Germany, Spain and Italy. Charley said as soon as he returns to Jamaica he plans to shoot music videos for both songs. “As soon as I return I am going to shoot music videos for Top General and Fiesta. When I get back I plan to do a lot of promotion on my new singles. 

I have to do as much work as people before I leave again.” Also in the pipeline for Charley Black is an upcoming tour of Africa. “My management team is currently negotiating a tour of Africa for me. This tour could begin either late October or early November. I am really looking forward to perform for my fans in Africa,” said the artiste.
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