Dubkor Shoots Video For "Defend The Endz"

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Reggae singer Dubkor formerly known as Dubkore recently shot the music video for his single titled Defend The Endz. “We just wrapped up the shooting of the video for Defend The Endz, it was a lot of hard work but it was worth it. I believe this video is going to a very good video based on the creative energy and all the work we put into it,” said the artiste.

The video which was directed by popular music video director Asher was shot at several locations across the Corporate Area including Sherlock Crescent in Duhaney Park and Patrick City. “We choose our locations for video shoots based on the message and the energy of each song, some songs need a country settings, some songs need a city settings, its all based on the vibes of the song.

For Defend The Endz we chose locations in the city of Kingston in order to bring out the true essence of the story in the song.”

The video is currently being edited and will be released before the end of the week. “Right now the video is in the editing process as soon as its finished and we approve it we are going to release it. It should be ready for release by Friday,” said Dubkor. 

In the mean time Dukor and his team are working with Asher towards the completion of a second music video. “Now that we have completed the shooting of the video for Defend The Endz, we are now focusing on the video for Gideon, so far we’ve shot some scenes in the hills of Kingston and we have a few more scenes to shoot before we are finished.”
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