Ninja Man Making Huge Strides In the Dancehall World

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One would have thought that having already received legendary status, Ninja Man who began his career in the late 1980s and is till a force in dancehall music, would be ready to relax and live off his past achievements. However this is not the case with the self styled Don Gorgon.

In a recent interview Ninja Man declared, “I still have a lot of work to do in Dancehall music, right now I feel like I haven't even started yet.” 

He also said that he has a lot to teach the youths in the business. “As a veteran in this business I have a big role to play while I am still active, I have to guide the youths in the business by setting a good example. The best way to do that is by making good music and keeping my performance on a high level so they can see what I am doing and learn from it,” said Ninja Man.

Since the start of the year Ninja Man has topped Reggae and Dancehall charts both locally and abroad with songs such as Ninja Mi Ninja & Dweet Ft. Specialist. The videos for both singles have also made it to the top of several music video charts. Ninja man has also delivered crowd pleasing performances on a number of major events in recent times including Caribbean Fashion Week, Negril Dream Weekend, Reggae To Reggae and LIME School Aid. 

“Since I signed with Downsound its like I am a new artiste, I feel a brand new vibes to work whether it is in the studio or on stage and everything has been moving in the right direction. I am just going to keep my focus and work even harder to maintain and surpass my status as a legend in the business,” said Ninja Man. Ninja Man recently released another hot new single titled Jamaica Town which was produced by ace producer Skatta Burrell for Downsound Records. 

The song which features Ninja Man spitting hardcore lyrics about life in the inner-city communities of Jamaica over a haunting Hip Hop beat is already creating waves both locally and abroad. “Jamaica town is a different type of song, it is geared towards the international market, by the sound of it you can tell but the message is real, its all a bout Jamaica and the fans love it. Everywhere I go people want to hear it.”
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