Renny Blazes With Pon Di RR

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Fresh faced reggae artiste Renny created waves in the dancehall when his talent was showcased on the Magnum Kings & Queens of Dancehall competition in 2012.

He gained 3rd position on the popular Jamaican talent show and a vast following, hungry to know his full potential. Renny has been working under the creative wings of MV Records and is hitting the streets with the official release of his Pon Di RR single.

"It's been a great experience so far, being with MV Records has helped me to build on the foundation of what I did at Magnum King and Queens of Dancehall. The association has been fruitful as we have been doing a lot of work on a couple of songs. The official release of Pon Di RR is the beginning of the next chapter of the journey”.

According to the MV Records artiste, “the fans have a lot of expectations from me because of Magnum King & Queens, so they're on their Ps and Qs wondering what I have in store for them”. With the release of Pon Di RR and his new management under MV Music Renny says the sky is the limit as he sets his sights on Dancehall success.
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