Ruffi-Ann Upbeat About European Debut & Upcoming Album

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Sharon Peterkin aka Ruffian is extremely pleased about her performance at the recently staged Reggae Sundance Festival in the Netherlands. Performing songs such as The World Needs Love, Save The Juvenile and I am Working she entertained the huge audience that attended the festival.

Her rendition of an unreleased track from her upcoming album called Give To Me which features legendary reggae saxophonist Dean Frazer was also well received. Ruffi-Ann said she enjoyed her performing at the Reggae Sundance Festival and it was a tremendous experience for her.

“I really had a good time performing at the Reggae Sundance Festival, at first I was bit nervous having never performed on an event of such magnitude before, but I was prepared for it. From the moment I hit the stage I was in total control and I delivered a very strong performance. The people loved it, especially because of the positive message in my music. Overall the whole experience was great,” said Ruffi-Ann.

After her performance Ruffi-Ann also did a lot of networking at the festival. “When I got off stage I was approached by a lot of media people, promoters and producers who loved my performance, so I used the opportunity to make some good links. I also took a lot of pictures with fans and signed autographs,” said the artiste. Now that she is back in the island the St. Catherine native is looking forward to the completion and release of her official debut album. “The album is in the final stages of production now, Mr. Frazer and his team is working hard to get it ready for release. 

I am very excited about it, I saw the artwork for the album a few days ago, it looks very good, I can’t wait for it to be released. It has a lot of good songs on it and I know the fans are going to love it.” Ruffi-Ann is also getting ready to release a single from the album. “Right now we are preparing to drop a single from the album; we want to choose the right one which is kinda hard because there are so many good songs on it. But as soon as Mr. Frazer makes the decision we will drop the first single,” said Ruffi-Ann.
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