Blaazz "Tax Everything"

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Fast rising dancehall artiste Blazz is on the verge of a musical breakthrough. The former protege of Supreme Promotions boss Isiah Laing who is now signed to Mobys' Records is currently enjoying much attention with his hilarious single called Tax Everything.

"Tax everything is the kind of song that makes people laugh but it is a very serious tune. It is social commentary with a twist of humor that's why people love it so much.

We all know that we are living in harsh economic times and that's what Tax Everything is highlighting, but the way I do it makes everybody laugh," said the artiste.

The witty Deejay's 7 track mix tape titled Shell Road is also doing well. The mix tape is available for free online. Since it was released Blaazz and his street team have been busy on the road promoting the mix tape. 

So far he has given away hundreds of CDs to fans all over the island. "The mix tape is doing well both online and in the streets the fans love it, a lot of people have downloaded it and I am giving it away in the streets, everywhere I go people are requesting copies of it." Blazz recently completed the music video for his new single titled Limelyte. "We just completed the shooting of the video for Lymelyte, it is going to be nice a video. 

We really did a lot of work on the shoot, right now the video is being edited, it should be ready before the end of the month," said Blaazz. The next single scheduled to be released by Blaazz is a controversial song titled Sex Fi Work. "This song on my mix tape, I have been getting a lot of positive comments about it from the fans. So my manage team has decided that it should be the next single."
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