Introducing Anguillan Band, British Dependency

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Hailing from the British Isle of Anguilla, British Dependency brings Roots, Heart, Soul to Reggae music by fusing various genres with their three piece ensemble, drum, guitar and bass. Their unique and eclectic sound appeals not only to those with a discerning musical palate but also those who are avid reggae fans.

Adding to their vintage sound is a fresh take on the overall feel and look of the band which consists of Anguilla's first female bass player, Joyah along with drummer, Jaiden and lead vocalist and guitar player, Ruel.

Pat McKay, Sirius XM Radio, remarks, "It's exciting to get to know the group who at this point in their growth already have much of the tangible - they make original music - and intangible factors - multiple-creative-skills, looks, intellect - separating them from the pack. As we await the release of their album debut, I feel very hopeful this group represents where the music is heading so get on board!"

With t heir mantra, "Creating music that reflects originality, talent, togetherness, bravery and wisdom. Our Music, Our Future, Our Independence," British Dependency will release their debut album, Finding Wisdom, on November 19, 2013 with a preorder date for iTunes on November 5, 2013. To promote the album, the band will perform live in New York, which will be streamed online for international fans, Anguilla, St. Kitts, and St. Martin through December 1, 2013.
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