Kabaka Pyramid To Release 'Lead the Way' EP

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Reggae artist Kabaka Pyramid continues to hit the masses with rebel music and is ready to release his new EP, "Lead the Way" in November 2013.

'Lead the Way' EP is a compilation effort featuring multiple fan favorites, which have been re-mastered and re-packaged as well as new material.

This EP will be released under the Bebble Rock music label giving new attention and strength to tracks previously released.

Some of the previous released tunes were part of the many independent projects Kabaka Pyramid has been a part of over the past year and has received worldwide recognition for.

'Lead the Way' EP consists of tracks produced by local and international producers giving it a universal sound topped off with collaborations with Tarrus Riley, Protoje and Shanique Marie. Some of the producers involved with 'Lead the Way' EP includes Chimney Records, DJ Smurf's 12 to 12 Label, Zincfence Records, Digital Vibez, Equiknoxx Music, Israel Records, Green Lion, Irievibrations, Flash Hit Records, Union World Music, Roots and Harmony and of course Bebble Rock Music alongside Lewis Planter. 

"Lead the Way" EP will be released on all digital channels with a standard and deluxe version with three bonus tracks, available for purchase worldwide. Not to worry, some of the fans favorite are also on this EP such as; "No Capitalist", "King Kabaka", "Warrior", "Worldwide Love", "Liberal Opposer" and "Get You". 

 "I am extremely happy to get this project out to the people. I think it shows my growth as an artist and the unity of the message among the multiplicity of producers involved with this compilation...Accurate!!!" - Kabaka Pyramid 

Track Listing

1. Lead The Way 
2. Teach Di Youths 
3. No Capitalist 
4. This Must Be Love feat. Shanique Marie 
5. King Kabaka 
6. Liberal Opposer 
7. No Cliche 
8. Herb Defenda 
9. Warrior feat. Protoje 
10.World Wide Love 
11.Get You 
12. Fly Di Gate Ft. Tarrus Riley 
13. War & Crime & Violence 

Kabaka Pyramid will be in the East Coast November 16- November 25
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