"Sweet Killer" A Real Life Experience For Ginjah

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With lines such as, sweet killer sweet killer, wonder if a she kill off Jacob Miller, Ginjah tells a tale of woman who has deceived him, ravaged his heart and his bank account.

The affable singer is not afraid to admit that this song is about a personal experience. “Sweet Killer is about something that I have been through, it is a real life experience. I sing songs about life, songs that are true.

I’m not afraid to admit that I have been tricked by a woman, every real man has been through that experience.

At first it was hard to deal with what happened, but I don’t have time to sit around and cry, so I write a song about it. That’s how I deal with certain things in life, I write songs about them, make music and move on,” said Ginjah.

Sweet Killer has placed Ginjah back into the spotlight, the song that was recorded on Silly Walks Discotheque’s Honey Pot rhythm, which features other popular tracks such as Smile Jamaica by Chronixx and One In A Million by Da’Ville is currently one of the hottest songs in Jamaica. “Everywhere I go people know this song, I was away in California for a few weeks and since I have returned I can hardly walk in the streets, the vibes is crazy. Everybody loves Sweet Killer. 

Some people say their favorite part of the song is the intro: Bomb underneath her smile, others say they love the line that says, a wonder if a she kill off Jacob Miller.” Several music industry stalwarts including Stephen Stanley and Clive Hunt have given Sweet Killer the thumbs up. “It is a nice feeling to know that I can make good music that touch the people. 

I feel extremely proud when people who I look up to in the business like Clive Hunt and Stephen Stanley can look at me and say Ginjah well done. These men are legends in the business so its an honor for me to hear that from them. My mentor the great Beres Hammond always told me to make good music. I toured with him for five years in the earlier stages of my career. So I know that what he told me is true because everywhere he performs the people love him because of the quality of his music,” said the artiste. 

The video for Sweet Killer is currently number 4 on the popular Fi Wi Choice Top Ten Chart. “I have had other hits before but Sweet Killer is different, everything is different about this song. I don't like like to make predictions but it seems that it could become the biggest song of my career. The video is doing well, it is showing all over the place and its racing up the charts as well. 

Ginjah will be one of the featured artiste on the Boom Christmas Reggae Extravaganza stage show that will be held on the 25th of December at Independence Park in Black River, St. Elizabeth. “I’m booked for Gt taylor’s show and I’m really looking forward to performing for my fans at that event. I haven't done much performances at home for a while now, but I plan to make this one very special for the fans.”
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