Matthew Greenidge's Jah Rules Over All Debut Album

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Combing soothing, uplifting harmonies and strong messages against consumerism and the isms and schisms of everyday life, "He Loves Forever" by Trinidadian reggae vocalist Matthew Greenidge is the debut single release from the forthcoming album, Jah Rules Over All. Revolutionary in its laser focus, Greenidge bears witness to the power of Jah ("even after all these trials still gotta give praise") regardless of class or color.

For Matthew Greenidge, a rising reggae artist from Trinidad, the music is a mission, not a competition. Invoking the spiritual foundation of reggae, Greenidge's new album “_Jah Rules Over All_” (Jah Light Records) delivers contagious, positive messages in the spirit of modern roots.

Indeed, an organic mix of contemporary riddims and live arrangements across the album's twelve tracks build a strong and unique narrative of encouragement, resilience and hope as told through Greenidge's singjay sensibility.

Fellow Trini reggae vocalists, including international recording star Queen Omega, Gyasi and King Solomon, add depth and breadth to this special project, a milestone in the history of Trinidadian reggae. Featuring production input from Trinidad and abroad such as Jahlight Records (Trinidad), One Harmony Records (UK), Flow Production (Switzerland) and Studio 53 (Trinidad), 

Jah Rules Over All puts everyday social commentary in a real world context, regardless of color or class. "I really learned how to exist with purpose through reggae music," says Greenidge. Jah Rules Over All effectively shares that purpose with the world. The album will release November 5, 2013 in CD and digital formats which will be handled by IDC and BFM, respectively.

“Some modern reggae singers will draw on dancehall in a slick, overtly high-tech way, but on Jah Rules Over All, Matthew Greenidge demonstrates that a reggae singer can make extensive use of dancehall while remaining quite faithful to the spirit of classic roots reggae.” – Alex Henderson
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