“Rasta For I” Chants Duane Stephenson in New Single

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Widely regarded as a Rastafarian reggae artiste whose ‘livity’ is totally in sync with his faith, Duane Stephenson has outlined his potent beliefs in a tribute song to the Most High, simply entitled “Rasta For I”.

A Penthouse production, it’s the lead single from the entertainer’s soon-to-be-released third album and already there is a burgeoning market ready to embrace the message, the music and the mission.

Brimming with heartfelt lyrics and the type of consciousness for which Duane is known and respected, “Rasta For I” is an acknowledgement of the magnificence of the Creator, entwined with a passionate plea for mankind to “…start think ‘bout God again/And stop fight down we brother dem.”

With the single gaining so much traction in the short time since its release, the artiste and his team thought it best to move quickly with shooting the accompanying music video. “We were very happy at the overwhelming response to “Rasta For I”. It is one of those songs that people seem to gravitate to after just one listen and we are thankful for all the love,” an elated Duane Stephenson said. 

He noted that it was a pleasure working with video producer, Dameon Gayle on the project, which skillfully captures the mood of the song and offers an interesting interpretation on the first official single from Duane’s upcoming and still unnamed album. Set for a January 2014 release, the album is in the final stages of completion and could have been ready for the promised end-of-year release, however, it was decided that it would be more prudent to hold off until the New Year. 

With regard to the name, Duane confessed that although there is a theme and a working title, so far the right name has eluded them. “But that will come,” Duane said. “I have been working with some great producers and I assure you that it will definitely be worth the wait."
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