Richie Loop Talks Love, His Latest Single & More!

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Richie Loop
He is coming out fresher than ever with a new hit single that has been on Funk Master Flex #1 reggae hit most downloaded song. Yes, we are talking about no other than Richie Loop himself! Oneduchessent had the opportunity to chat with Richie about his love life, latest Single, Plus More!

Catch these T's of our exclusive interview with the singer.

Oneduchessent: How did you get the name Richie Loop?
Richie Loop: the name Richie Loop was given to me by a band member of one of Jamaica's finest band called gumption band. It was given to me because of my real name"Richard" which was combine with a beat making software I use to use called "fl studio/ fruity loops".

Oneduchessent: First song ever sung?
Richie Loop: The first song I ever performed was "MY CUPP" even though I had two song prior to that.

Oneduchessent: How has becoming famous overnight changed you/ your life? 
Richie Loop: Never really change my life, I was building this plot form from years before. However, I was already a famous person in school and in the surrounding communities. 

Oneduchessent: What is/was the reason for a change of management? 
Richie Loop: Private matters...non- disclosure 

Oneduchessent: What other hidden talent(s) do you have, that your fans don’t know about? Richie Loop: lol, Hidden talents, well most people don't know that I produce, engineer and mix. Even so, most people doesn't know I compose my beats. I was the one that composer the beat for MY CUPP, Party like it's your Birthday, Top the top- gentleman and Chris martin. And many others. 

Oneduchessent: You have collaborated with quite a few reggae/ dancehall artists. Can you list a few of these and also which one were your favorite? 
Richie Loop: Christopher martin, d-major, busy signal but as far as I see busy signal Is the real dads. 

Oneduchessent: If you have the opportunity to do a major collaboration with an international singer, who would that be? 
Richie Loop: Rihanna, BeyoncĂ©, destra, Miley etc the List goes on. 

Oneduchessent: What projects have you been working on lately? 
Richie Loop: Well am working on my mixtape called (7 Sides Of Me) it will be a shocker. 

Oneduchessent: How do you feel about your new hit single being on Funk master flex #1 most downloaded song? 
Richie Loop: Very accomplish, it's hard work and only hard work. 

Oneduchessent: Any plans on releasing an album in the future? 
Richie Loop: Yes, I will be releasing a album in the future one of my most anticipated albums ever. I am putting in a lot of work to make sure it's a smash hit... 

Oneduchessent: So any special person in The Loop's life right now? 
Richie Loop: Most definitely, but that's another story lol lol lol 

Oneduchessent: Best advice ever given? 
Richie Loop: Never stop working, when u think you are going to hit the ground, success is right round the corner.
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