Shocking Murray Drops Reparation Single

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Coming hot on the heels of his highly successful Big Trees label debut titled So Nice, European based Reggae artiste Shocking Murray has released a brand new single called Reparation.

The hard working Rastafarian Deejay is extremely excited about the single which is the second project that has been released by his Big Tree imprint.

"I feel very strongly about the topic of this song, from I was a child I have heard people talking about reparation for the Negro race.

This talk of reparation has been around since slavery was abolished but up to this day nothing positive has manifested from all the talk about it. It's this knowledge that has inspired me to write and record the song titled Reparation.”

Shocking Murray is aware that the topic of reparation is viewed by many people as a very controversial issue but he is not afraid to tackle the issue head on with his music. “Reparation is a very touchy subject in certain quarters but the truth of the matter is that black people deserve to get some form of reparation for all the wrongs that were done to them from ancient times up to now. I am not afraid to talk about this because I am only talking about the truth. 

I’m a Reggae artiste and Reggae music is the music that speaks the truth and shows the world what is going on whether right are wrong, so I am prepared to sing about reparation until it comes,” said the artiste. Shocking Murray has also released a supporting music video for Reparation. The video that was shot in his hometown in Snow Hill, Portland was directed by Hopeton Blazze. “The video for the song is out right now, so it has been getting a lot of positive feedback from my fans on Facebook and youtube. 

We are getting ready to release it to TV in Jamaica and other parts of the world. My team and I are working hard to promote this song, because it is very important that we get the message out to the people.” Reparation was produced by Germany based Reggae producer Hopeton Blazze on his Nairobian rhythm project. The single is available on iTunes and all other leading internet music stores.
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