Sizzla Drops "Good Love" Video

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Sizzla, one of reggae's most prolific artists, releases his brand new video for "Good Love" off his 70th album The Messiah, released in May 2013 on Kalonji Music/VP Records.

The Jay Will directed video premieres today on Okayplayer's Large Up, who hails "Good Love" as one of their "favorite songs by him in the last decade."

Click to watch Sizzla's "Good Love" video

It is evident that Sizzla remains the reigning king of roots on his latest effort The Messiah, which peaked at #1 on the South Florida Reggae Chart and New York Reggae Chart.

He showcases his musical depth, passion and precision in partnership with Bread Back productions.

Mostly written and executive produced by Sizzla himself, Kalonji's full scope of talents are displayed on The Messiah. With a fresh perspective in 2013, the man on a musical mission inspires positive change worldwide on this 15-track collection. 

His social commentary on songs like "Chant Dem Down," "No Wicked Man" and "Psalms 121" reveal his daring bravado and righteous lyrics, while the melodic anthem "Good Love" unveils his softer side. 

In addition to music, Sizzla, who was recently named the President of the Ancient Nyabinghi Council, has been organizing, mobilizing, and working to promote Rastafari, unity, upliftment and positivity in Jamaican communities and worldwide. 

Through his Sizzla Youth Foundation, he has a number of programs and projects that aim to develop youth training and leadership skills. He is building a library, community center and a Sizzla Youth Foundation Museum in his native August Town, a community within Kingston, Jamaica.
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