Christopher Ellis Blends Old With The New

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Son of Jamaican Rock-steady Pioneer Alton Ellis Carries on his Father’s Musical Legacy for a New Generation

Christopher Ellis, the youngest son of the late legendary Jamaican vocalist and rocksteady pioneer Alton Ellis, steps on the scene as one of reggae's most promising singers of this generation. On November 19th, 2013, he will release his debut EP Better Than Love on the Marley-owned label Ghetto Youths International.

Produced by Damian Marley, this 5-song love story is a refreshing modern take on classic reggae, R&B and rocksteady.

Christopher Ellis’ flawless soulful vocals effortlessly ride over the state-of-the-art reggae opener “Roller Coaster,” the horn-drenched love ballad “You Babe,” the breathtaking anthem “Spoiling You” as well as the one-drop rocksteady rhythms on “Left Unsaid” and the EP's title track "Better Than Love."

“It’s a lineage thing,” says Christopher Ellis. “It stems back to when I met Stephen and Damian Marley. And more than that, it stems to our fathers and the whole Trenchtown movement.” “When they made music, they would make songs religiously,” says Christopher Ellis, who toured extensively with his father and shared the stage with him since the age of 11. 

He thrilled audiences around the world as he soaked up the finer points of life, music and the music business from the master himself. “When you have a father like that, greatness is passed down onto you. It’s all about fulfilling the mission of extending my father’s legacy. Anything I can add to that legacy is a blessing,” he adds.
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