Kabaka Pyramid Ignites One Mic

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On Monday November 18th Brooklyn, NY was ignited by the performance of one of Jamaicas musical warriors, Kabaka Pyramid. Arriving in NY Kabaka was greeted with open arms; from the music fraternity at Irie Jam radio to the host of artists and musicians who attended his performance at One Mic, the Artistic Movement.

Hundreds of fans turned out to see Kabaka Pyramid and I-Wayne who was also scheduled for the event. In attendance was also veteran artist Johnny Osbourne, Iba Mahr, veteran bass player Derrick Barnett and acoustic player extraordinaire Tony Bone.

Kabaka Pyramid arrived at the venue around 10:15 pm and the crowd was already warmed up by the musical sensation Dev Kutta of Livity Movements. Ready to hit the stage Kabaka wasted no time. Entering the stage by the accompaniment of his musicians, Kabaka Pyramid started his set with his titled single off his recently released EP "Lead the Way".

The crowd sang along and chanted with excitement "Rastaman a original, no badda call me no criminal, dah one yah lick dem subliminal". Kabaka Pyramid would continue his set with "Free From Chains", "No Capitalist", "No Cliche", "King Kabaka" just to name a few. "Kabaka Pyramid performance was excellent, he is so much better than listening to him on my IPad or watching him on YouTube" says Marie Simpson.

"Kabaka a real warrior, every word di I chant mi feel it, I loved his performance. Reggae music safe", says Mas Jessiah. Kabaka Pyramid received numerous encores one of the most memorable encore was "No Capitalist", which the crowd sang in unison, word for word. "It was a great vibe and I just want to give thanks to everyone who came out for the great energies NY massive" says Kabaka Pyramid.
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