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Christopher Ellis ~ Bramma ~ Reigndrop Lopes ~ Music News ~ Charts and More!

Power is one of the most coveted resources by many, and it is held on the radio by one of the most humble people the music industry knows; DJ Norie! Performing on Power 105.1 FM in New York, his station is rated #1 based on Arbitron statistics, and he has listeners tune in from around the world just to hear him. In his first ever feature sit down interview, the jock doesn’t see his power the way we do, instead, he looks at his position as a professional responsibility which he takes very seriously.

Speaking to Natasha Von Castle, we understand why one of music’s greatest resources is entrusted to this man. How did Norie respond when asked “Your radio show Anything Goes – Caribbean Edition is similar to the United Nations in that fans can hear good Reggae and Dancehall from around the world … how much of the show is fun for you, and how much is ‘work?!’”

Christopher Ellis is doing his Father, Alton Ellis, and the overall genre of music proud. Not one to rest of the fact that he comes from music royalty, Christopher works very hard at his craft so that when he shares it with the world, the world can say ‘yes’! With a new EP out entitled “Better Than Love,” and several performances booked, we thought now would be a good time to sit down and speak to the living legacy about his life in music, memories of his Dad, and future plans. 

Tricia ‘SJ Sparks’ Spence sits down with Bramma da Gorilla whose popularity in Dancehall has grown beyond Jamaica, and has become international. Not wasting any time, and not mincing any words, Sparks asks Bramma ‘You have mentioned Rasta and you are noticeably slimmer; now you know Jamaican people; once someone loses weight they assume you’re sick or on drugs. Let me get this out of the way, are you sick or on drugs?” Bramma’s response follows! 

Reigndrop Lopes is the sister of Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes and is mirroring her sisters musical footsteps. Forging her own path in Hip Rock (which is a combination of Hip Hop and Rock), Reigndrop shares what life has been like in the music business, and also shares fond memories of her sister. Her passion project is healthy eating for children is also discussed between she and Jackie Boatwight. After reading this, you will know about the power of a Reigndrop! 

Charitable works by Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs is covered by revolt TV, and the charitable works of Mr. Lee G is shared with our readers by Heike Dempster who writes about the artists trip to Mali, and how Mr. Lee G has combined his music with giving back to a community in need. We round out this month’s issue with our model of the month (shot through the lens of Mr. Jerome Dupont), delicious waffles from Food editor Jimmy Tambou, news about the Tupac biopic, music charts and reviews about Eddie Murphy, Wayne Marshall, Stylo G and more. We also introduce new talents Alexus Rose, Ira Losco and Sincere. 

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