Who Will Mad Cobra Clash At Sting?

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As the Christmas holiday season draws closer, Sting 30, is on the lips of many Jamaicans, especially those living in the Corporate Area. The big question being asked by everyone is who will Mad Cobra clash at Sting this year?

It is widely rumored that the veteran tough talking Deejay will do battle at Sting this year with another hardcore Dancehall act who has triumphed in several clashes at Sting in the past.
Cobra who shot to prominence in 1992 with the Billboard Chart hit, Flex, has featured in two of the most epic Sting clashes ever.

In 1995 he battled with perennial Sting clash King Ninja Man on Boxing Day at Jam World. Five days later the two of them featured in the second leg of the clash at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Centre in Montego Bay. However many Sting pundits have said the clash was an undecided clash with no winner. 

Sources close to Cobra have said that he is eager to Clash again at Sting, once the price is right and he is not afraid to clash anyone. According to Supreme Promotions CEO, Isaiah Laing, when the time is right the public will know who will clash at Sting 30. “We are not ready to announce who will clash at Sting 30, but I guarantee that the clash will be very exciting this year. 

Throughout the years we have had some of the most memorable clashes and we intend to keep that tradition going. When the time is right we will release more information about the clash,” said Laing. Sting 30 is will be held on Boxing Day at Jam World in Portmore, St. Catherine under the theme “Bring the Sting Jamaica Party 2013.”
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