Dubkor On A Musical High

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Roots Reggae singer Dubkor is confident that his musical break through is just around the corner. “Like many other artistes I could have taken an easier route to make a name in the business by doing other styles of music to get a break but Roots music is my choice. It is not the easiest way to break in the business.

But I’m not worried because my mission is to deliver the message to the people. Now is the right time to be doing good Reggae music, the people are yearning for good music and spiritual upliftment.

They need positive messages in these hard times and thats what Dubkor’s music is all about.” Over the last few years the classically trained musician and vocalist has worked assiduously with his dedicated team of musicians that make up his Pikki Head Band, to carve a niche on the live music scene in Kingston.

 “So far we have developed a nice following mainly in the corporate area, people know about us because we have done a lot of shows in and around Kingston such as Live At Wiki Wacky, Conscious Reggae Party and Reggaevolution. We have also done a number of gigs in other parts of the island including Negril,” said the artiste. Dubkor has also released several singles that have received good airplay on local radio including Verandah, Little Love Story, Gideon, Same Routine and Defend Di Ends. “Our music has received a good amount of support on radio too. 

Our new singles Gideon and Defend The Endz are receiving steady airplay both locally and abroad.” Dubkor is currently promoting his debut album titled Rasta Man Riding. “Things are looking good right now, we are getting a lot of positive feedback about the album from fans all over the world. 

We are also getting a lot of calls for shows.” Dubkor is booked to perform on the 22nd annual Bob Marley Birthday Bash which will take place from February 1st to 6th at MX3 Entertainment Center in Negril. He will perform on the 5th alongside Raging Fyah and Kabaka Pyramid.
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