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The humble Rastafarian entertainer who is known for hits such as Board House, Baby Mother and Guns Out This Morning is working assiduously to take his career to new heights. “Everyone in the business knows that Nesbeth is a hard working artiste and they also know that I have the talent to make it to the highest level in the business.

Now is the time for me to step up and shine even brighter than before, 2014 will be a glorious year for my career,” he said. If Nesbeth’s performance last Saturday night at Rebel Salute is anything to go by then he is clearly on a path of upward mobility in the local music industry.  

His performance was one of class as he performed a properly rehearsed set which included new selections such as Old Gangalee and Rasta Love. Much to the delight of the large audience who showed their appreciation with huge forwards, he also unleashed hits such as A Nuh So Mi Wah Live, Rasta Love, Guns, Board House and the heart rending Tribute To Mama, during his set. “This is my second appearance on Rebel Salute, the first time was good but this time around the response was even better. 

I’m a more seasoned performer now and I know how to interact with the crowd and deliver the songs much better. The crowd really enjoyed my performance, I could tell by the way they reacted.” Nesbeth is currently in the studio working on several projects for his new label and management company called Entertainment Soul. 

“I’m working on some tracks for Entertainment Soul which is the company that is now handling my management. We are going to release some very exciting new projects very soon,” said Nesbeth. Nesbeth is also promoting a handful of new singles that includes tracks like Old Ganglee, Hot Hot Hot and Rasta Love.
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