Ginjah's "Double Standards" Blowing Up the Airwaves

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Fast rising Reggae singer Ginjah was recently named on a popular local TV show as one of the artistes who made sure Reggae was strong in 2014.

Such recognition is quite fitting as his controversial hit single titled Sweet Killer, was one of the biggest hits in Jamaica last year.

“We give thanks for all accolades and recognition, but I’m just here to do my job as a Reggae artiste, the mission is not about not about seeking glory for myself but for the music.

My duty is to make good music for my people, spread a positive message and uplift the people. Sweet Killer was just the tip of the iceberg the best is yet to come.”

The lanky singer who hails from Spanish Town seems poised for even more success. He is currently creating a huge buzz on the local airwaves with a new single titled Double Standards. The hard hitting single that was produced by DJ Frass on the Cane River rhythm is quickly growing in popularity. It is currently enjoying strong support from a number of top jocks including IRIE FM’s Big A. “This song seems to be a hit already, it was just released like two weeks ago and it’s getting crazy airplay all over. 

I was in California recently and my phone kept ringing off the hook, every time I got a call it was somebody calling me to tell me that Double Standards is blowing up the radio in Jamaica.” Ginjah is getting ready to shoot a video for Double Standards. “Right now I’m getting ready to shoot the video for Double Standards. We are going to shoot a nice video for it. 

We want to give the fans a very good video.” Also on the cards for Ginjah is the release of a number of other singles. “We have a lot more songs to come, I have recorded for most of the top producers. So over the next few months the fans are going to get a lot of new music from me.”
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