Sanjay Sparks Head Top Epidemic

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Ace lyricist Sanjay has sparked a dancehall epidemic with his latest infectious tune dubbed Head Top. The track, which has been getting good support in the dancehall, has sparked bouts of head top dancing not only in Jamaica but internationally.

Head Top, which was produced by Kirkledove, is now accompanied by a video directed by Mental Chung Creative lab who are known for their cutting edge productions including the immensely popular Dutty Bwoy series.

Sanjay says he is a bit surprised by the popularity of the song as he didn't expect it to blow up the way it has: “I have been getting links from as far as Russia and Sweden. The song has really caught on. In Jamaica there is big support in the streets and even head top competitions. The song is clearly #riiich”.  

Sanjay’s Head Top highlights the infectious nature of the authentic dancehall sound as well as the skill and dexterity of some of its main proponents, women. The video for Head Top emphasizes these characteristics while showing off the expert movements of dancehall dancers from all over the world all doing the Head Top dance. 

The ace lyricist says he is happy with the way the video turned out: “It was a very out of the box production. I was happy that we got to include some of the videos submitted from Italy, Sweden, Russia and Poland by some of the top dancers in those countries. 

The video goes well with the track and emphasizes the true nature of dancehall”. Catch Sanjay’s Head Top on popular social media portals such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. 




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