Are Alkaline's Eye Tattoos Fake?

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Dr. Love, a DJ out of New York has made a statement claiming that Alkaline's story about flying in an American doctor to create a tattoo on his eyeball is completely fake. Dr. Love claims that Alkaline tattoo on eyeball story was just to create a hype because he is basically an unknown, force ripe young artist trying to create a buzz.

But according to Dr Love it is alleged that a kid in Jamaica lost an eye trying to imitate what he thought was so cool.

Listen  ''DR.LOVE VOICE NOTE'' here:

"I don't want artists giving out false infomation because to a kid it could become dangerous, just be real and let your music speak for itself. Number one, you don't have the money to fly in a Doctor to do ANYTHING so it must be a contact lens you have somebody buy and send to you." said Dr Love Alkaline's ex-manager,( Dwayne Morris) was asked for a quote on the story but he just laughed and declared " I have no comment." 

The picture below on the right is allegedly the picture that Alkaline release of himself having the tattoo done, but it is clearly obvious that there is no needle involved unlike the picture on the left where one can see the needle piercing the eye and blue dye been deposited in a real tattoo session on someone else. Was it all a HOAX...... You can judge for yourself.. 

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