Reggae Crooner Sanchez Returns to Reggae Sumfest

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The announcement was made a few months ago by the Reggae Sumfest committee, that one of reggae's most distinguished voices, Sanchez, was returning to one of the greatest stage in reggae. Since then, music lovers all over the world began preparing themselves to see international reggae crooner Sanchez at Reggae Sumfest. His return to the Sumfest stage will be the first in 9 years and his return back home to Jamaica after 4 years.

The anticipation is intense as Sanchez has re-emerged on the charts in Jamaica and internationally during 2013 with his popular single, 'Him Buy You A Drink'. The momentum surrounding the single has brought the original Sanchez fans and a younger generation of fans to many of the reggae crooner concerts.

"Sanchez performance is one that is heartfelt, he makes me feel every note he sings as he sings with so much passion during his performance" says a fan Marcus Wright of New York.  

Sanchez career spans over 25 years with hits like 'Missing You Now' 'Frenzy' and 'Amazing Grace'. His plethora of hits and exceptional stage performance is sure to have the patrons of International Night 2 on Saturday July 19th singing, dancing and enjoying every minute of his performance. "Its a joy to be able to return home and perform on one of the greatest reggae shows on earth, Reggae Sumfest. I look forward to performing for all my fans and promise it will be a night you don't want to miss" says Sanchez. Sanchez hectic schedule and will lead him to several concerts prior to Reggae Sumfest as he looks forward to releasing his album 'Di General'.
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