Charley Black's European Tour Extended

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Dancehall artiste Charley Black continues to enjoy a good run on his European tour. The tour which began in the middle of May and was originally scheduled to end in the last week of June, has been extended because of its overwhelming success.

“Things are going very well with the tour, all the shows haven been successful. The European fans love my music and they are coming out to my shows in large numbers.

The tour was supposed to end in June but because of its success more dates have been added,” said the artiste. So far Charley Black has performed in countries such as Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal and Switzerland.

“Most of the shows I’ve done so far were in places like Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and Portugal. Now I will be performing in some other countries because of the new dates that have been added to the tour.  

I will I also have to return to some of the countries I have performed in already for some of these dates. It’s a lot of hard work with all this travelling, but I’m having a good time.” At home Charley Blacks is dominating the airwaves with a barrage of new singles including Jamaican Everyday, Defend Mi Fren, Bike Back and Ganja Medley. “I’m getting reports from home that my new songs are getting a lot airplay. I’m very pleased about that. The video for Jamaican Everyday is also getting a lot of support,’ said Charley Black.
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