K'Coneil Release New Single 'Gyal A You'

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Coming off the release of his recent single 'Gyal A You', K'Coneil is ready to take the Labor Day Weekend by storm. Currently promoting his brand new single 'Gyal a You', K'Coneil and his team is very pleased with the response. "Its a great feeling to see the reaction of my fans and my fellow musicians when they hear 'Gyal A You'.

"So far everyone is loving it, the love is tremendous and I can't begin to thank everyone for the support" says K'Coneil. Returning from Miami, where the 'King of the Dancehall' Beenie Man celebrated his birthday, K'Coneil had the pleasure of performing alongside Beenie Man. As we approach the festive holiday weekend, Labor Day, the city of New York is gearing up for a barrage of events. This weekend of festivities will include some of the Caribbean top artists set for several performances and K'Coneil will be featured on a several events.  

Some of the major events K'Coneil will be featured on are Tarrus Riley on Friday August 29 at Mingles and Beenie Man and Lyrical at Garage Nite Club of Friday August 29. K'Coneil is looking forward to the weekend and feels these two events will give him an opportunity to gain some more exposure.
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