Natural Black Talks "No Prejudice" in Behind The Scenes Magazine

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Having recently released his album "No Prejudice" to rave reviews, Natural Black has been busy on his promotional trail with interviews, sharing his music with fans worldwide, and slated performances such as his upcoming performance in Grenada at the 2014 Caricom Festival! The multifaceted artist was recently featured and gave an interview to Behind The Scenes Mag.

BehindTheScenesMag interview:

Natural Black called in from Jamaica to speak to Behind The Scenes Magazine about his new album "No Prejudice." The album has a familiar sound, he brings a straight roots vibe and wants the community to know that no matter who you are, you deserve love and respect.

"No Prejudice" delivers several uplifting and empowering tracks, just what we expect from the voice and pen behind hits "Far From Reality" and "Jah Knows". He has a message and this album is a testament to artists that have consciousness at their core, you can try to run but it will pull you back like a loving mother.

In 2012, Natural Black felt he needed to make a change in his life. Up until then Natural was a Rasta but, as he described, the challenges of living as an internationally recognized artist and other adversities, led him to live outside of the true character of a Rasta. Natural, not wanting to be labeled a hypocrite, cut his locks and made other lifestyle choices. He started to make Dancehall music and carry the persona of a Dancehall artist. 

The change was short lived because by 2013, he reverted back to his true nature. Roots music called him back and he returned to it just as effortlessly as he had initially come into it. This delighted his fans and all those who have a love and appreciation for positive Reggae vibes. When you listen to the album "No Prejudice," you can also hear his delight. Natural is in his element as he reclaims his place in the conscious movement. With a name like Natural Black it's hard to deny the roots in one's heart. 

In 2014, Natural Black has returned with an uplifting message for the world: PJ (Behind The Scenes Mag): What are you trying to say through this album? NB: One love, one heart, one destiny cause some people love problem. They love prejudice, as they move around the world. So I'm calling for one love because we have to start moving away from the things that are bringing down society. We live in a modern world where most people have moved passed things like color prejudice, racism, and oppression. We are on a new level now and we need to maintain that. We need to live with one heart; we need togetherness. 

We need to assist each other so we can build a better world. Have you been working outside of music to push this message? Have you been working with any organizations or missions in the community? NB: We have formed our own group called Orthodox Family. It’s an oneness and we encourage youth to read and provide them with books and other reading materials. We empower them to learn and grow in positive ways. PJ (Behind The Scenes Mag): Here in the States we are facing many issues, such as police brutality and mass incarceration. 

Recently, there have been several cases of people dying at the hands of police excessive force. Is there anything you want to say to the people who are dealing with these and other social issues? NB: I always want to say to stay focus. Whenever I connect with the people I tell them that because there is a wild beast out there and if you just stay focus, stay in consciousness, stay in the movement, some of these things would be eliminated. We would not be a part of these terrible tragedies. You have to live physical and spiritual. The spiritual part is what carries the physical part. So when you balance yourself now, it makes it better. 

In terms of spirituality, when you go out in the community and speak about that, letting people know how powerful spirituality is and how it can positively affect their life, what is the response? NB: When someone sees things manifesting in the physical world for themselves, they get a clearer understanding. You can't fight a physical war with guns and bombs; you must fight it with your spiritual understanding. 

You must have spiritual balance. I just push that message. PJ (Behind The Scenes Mag): What has the response of the new album "No Prejudice" been so far? NB: The fans have been loving it, especially since they have been waiting for it a long while. We put a lot of quality hard work in it and now its out. People have been getting their copy, it's been a great look. We have some promotional tours set up so we'll be in the streets and all over the world pushing the work of "No Prejudice." We will be in California Aug 30th for the "One Love, One Heart” Reggae Festival. 

Me and Beenie Man will be doing a show in Brooklyn the 3rd of October, then we’ll be in New Jersey and a few other places as well, so look out for the details. Things are stepping up and getting hot, you know! PJ (Behind The Scenes Mag): What’s next for Natural Black? NB: Of course the work continue. From we get the message across and touch people, it never stop. The work just continue same way and we keep doing the same thing, keep spreading the message, get the youths to know themselves so we can all have a better environment world wide. Good over evil every time, that’s the message. 

Natural Black is conscious at his core. His soul pours out consciousness and his gift to world is his talent. There is nothing more powerful than stepping fully into your destiny. "No Prejudice," while it features many different ingredients displaying Natural Black's versatility, it stays on a positive vibe of upliftment, love, and good times. From rootsy Reggae to playful soul to Ska, this album leaves you feeling full and satisfied; it nourishes the mind, body, and soul. 

Natural is truly in his element. As he stated, he worked hard to bring something good to the people and he did just that. He took his time, found his essence, laid down the tracks, and delivered a message that will reverberate for quite some time. The main message, from the title track, is that prejudice on all levels needs to stop and society needs to allow for people to reach their destinies without fear of oppression - instead, society needs to provide access to opportunities and instill hope. 

With more love in the world and respect for people from all walks of life, we will one day see a society with no prejudice. Album Available on iTunes, Amazon, 7digital, Google Play, Spotify and all other digital outlets "No Prejudice" is now available to listen in the comfort of your office, home or on the go via your favorite device!
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