Kalado Latest Victim Of Negative Reviews From Zimbabawe Media

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Another bad review for a Jamaican artiste, as Zimbabawe media hypes up their own talents. 

Rising dancehall artiste, Kalado, has become the latest victim of a negative review following a concert last weekend in the Zimbabwean capital of Harare. Reports in the media are that Kalado was bottled because his performance was not as great as that of homegrown Zimbabwean reggae/dancehall acts.

One journalist writing for the Zimbabwe Mail even asked the question: “Are these so called international artistes worth bringing in the country, in the face of such flops?” The report continued: “In previous years, local artistes have outperformed their Jamaican counter-parts at several gigs.

At one time, another Jamaican artiste Popcaan was literally reduced to a curtain-raiser by Winky D. Locals feel they are short-changed. The media have been awash with complaints of these probably overrated stars letting down their legions of fans in the country.  

“Last year, there was a big outcry after Nigerian singer D’banj failed dismally on the stage. Born, Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo ‘D’banj’, proved more of a studio than stage musician as he failed to perform to expectations for hundreds of Zimbabweans who thronged the Glamis Arena for the Lion Lager Summer Beer Festival. 

Some equated the Fall in Love hitmaker’s performance to local dancer Beverly Sibanda’s style as he spent much of his time speaking about how Zimbabwean ladies were good at waist-twisting. D’Banj went on to invite 10 ladies, one at a time, including Amara Brown to join him on stage…” From as far back as 2012, singjay, Mr Vegas, who had a less-than-welcoming experience on stage in Zimbabwe, has been questioning this trend: "Of late Jamaican reggae & dancehall artists are getting some bad feed back after performances in Africa, even stones were allegedly thrown at Luciano. 

Then there were the media reports "Mavado flopped, Vegas failed to deliver, Assasin misses target". In these same article, the media reports sing high praises for the local acts, while ripping the main act. Leaves me to wonder if this is the love we get from Africa, after taking the 2 days or more flt to spread the music to our brothers & sisters... Is this the same Africa that we want to go back home to? Is this the same africa that we dedicated most of our music to?. 

Africa where is the love?!”(Mr. Vegas Facebook post, August 1 2, 2012) Vegas advised his followers in the same post: “THE FANS THAT COME TO THE SHOW ARE NOT THE PROBLEM, ITS THE MEDIA WHO TRY TO DISREGARD OUR EFFORT, THEN TRY TO SELL A STORY THAT THE LOCAL ARTISTS PERFORMED BETTER.” 

Notably, in the review about Kalado’s Zimbabwe performance, the reviewer also quotes a prominent disc jock who maintains that nothing was wrong with Kalado’s performance. The article states: “Prominent wheel spinner Godfather Templeman defended Kalado’s performance and said local fans should be patient with foreign artistes. ‘Zimbabwean fans are not patient. Kalado is just an upcoming artiste in Jamaica and he came here to perform for Zimbabweans, not Jamaicans, unlike in the case with local artistes who went to perform outside the country for Zimbabweans who migrated to those countries,’ said Templeman. 

‘There was nothing wrong with his performance...’” With that experience behind him, Kalado is settling back into the musical flow, as he continues to assure fans that “good good” does, in fact, “bring life” and that he takes none of this "personally".
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