1st Klase Records Drops New EP, Swappi And Friends

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1st Klase Records releases this highly anticipated EP from Trinidadian dancehall and soca star Swappi titled Swappi And Friends, available worldwide from all major digital retailers on October 28, 2014, with pre-order available now, from FOX FUSE.

A longtime musical partnership between both parties birthed this exciting collaborative album, much to the delight of soca and dancehall fans everywhere. Showcasing five sizzling hits, Swappi And Friends yields hits that are set to ignite playlists all year long.

Swappi duets with chutney king Ravi B, reggaeton thriller Mr. Renzo, soca diva Buffy and soca slayer Supa Jigga TC on the five smash tunes.  

Trinidad and Tobago-based hit house 1st Klase Records, under the tutelage of producer Klase Gonzales, flawlessly deliver soca spiced with dancehall, EDM and pop influences, thereby adding international flavors to its rich island sound and guaranteeing it to find its place on playlists worldwide, while helping to make Swappi a household name. 


1. Doh Sticky Featuring Ravi B
2. Extraordinary Girl Featuring Mr. Renzo
3. Obsessed Featuring Buffy
4. Monday Morning Featuring Supa Jigga TC
5. Monday Morning (Raw) Featuring Supa Jigga TC
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