AUDIO: New Religion - Beenie Man (@KingBeenieMan) feat. RichThane @KamauMusic

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"New Religion", the unique single and recent prospective conquest of the music world by the "King of The Dancehall", Beenie Man, featuring the rising and outstanding Pop/R&B American singer, songwriter and guitarist, Rich Thane.

This exclusive track will undoubtedly captivate a wide range of listeners due to its distinctive and melodious blend of a broad spectra of music styles and lyrics which commence with a traditional chorus that is succeeded by crystal clear contemporary instrumentals, bass vocals and deejaying in bold and brief lyrics comprised of natural, earthy Jamaican dialect in a highly expressive tone that are characteristic of Beenie Man and the sharply contrasting alluring, silky and rich tenor of RichThane which exudes lyrics in soft adult contemporary music that evoke tenderness, sincerity, harmony and euphoria as well as the refrains, "Loving you is my religion" and "Believe in me."  

Rich Thane, born (DOB) as Richard Hue, resides in South Florida. While growing up in the 90's, he was inspired by Ryan Cabrera, Craig David and David Gray. His music is a fusion of pop, R&B and periodically, folk with lyrical content enhanced by his translucent tenor which arouses strong positive emotions. He has a similar style to Bruno Mars with his own distinct flavour. 

The launching pad for New Religion, an eclectic single, was laid by the gifted and consummate producers, Tariq Kamau "Nashi" Smith and Xavier "Bless X" Prendergast of Kamau Music who are also the executive producers of "Ghetto Born", the extraordinary 13-track Jah Vinci album mainly based on social issues in which Beenie Man is featured in "Don of all Dons(Radio)", the track that focuses on both artists' significant achievements. 

The excellent and noteworthy executive producer of this track, Khabir Bonner of Grillaras Production, recently completed the production of "Ghetto Born" and the Beenie Man single, "Thug Love" featuring CeCile, the video for which has already been debuted on BET networks. Zojak World Wide is the co-label/distributor of "New Religion", Thug Love and "Ghetto Born." 

Thus, "New Religion" is poised to rapidly ascend the charts worldwide to become another sensational hit single, propelling the very talented Rich Thane to international recognition and prominence alongside Beenie Man, the phenomenal and renowned reggae fusion artist who has had a multitude of well-known hits. "New Religion", a remix of Beenie Man's "One and Only" which was released in early September that incorporates significant musical and lyrical content from Rich Thane, is out now and available on Itunes iTunes and all major digital distribution platforms.
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