Dubkor Connects With Colorado Fans

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Roots Reggae singer Dubkor recently did a successful two show stint in the US Reggae loving state of Colorado. The first show which was held on the 25th of September at Lost Lakes in Denver Colorado was a sold out affair.

Performing songs from his debut album titled Rasta Man, Dubkor wove his way into the hearts of the hundreds of music lovers who turned out for the event.

"The show in Lost Lakes was a tremendous success. I performed a very tight set which consisted of songs such as Verandah, Little Love Story, Defend the Ends, Rasta Man Riding and Gideon.

The response was overwhelming, at the end of my performance the people were asking for more. Even after I did the encore they still wanted more," said the artiste.  

The second show which was held at Steam Boat Springs in Colorado the following night was also a huge success. "The vibes in Steam Boat Springs was very good, the people in Colorado really love Roots Reggae music a lot and they support it." Since his appearances in Colorado Dubkor has received a several requests from promoters in the state who would like him to return for shows early next year. Dubkor is currently in the studio working on his sophomore album which is slated to be released in 2015. “So far we have recorded some very good tracks for the new album. We are taking our time and allowing the creative process to flow as we go along,” said Dubkor.
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