K'Coneil Hits The Cover of SYM Magazine

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On the heels of a successful year of various festival performances, hit bound singles and popular video, reggae fused pop artist K'Coneil is closing 2014 with yet another accolade. The multi talented crooner was chosen as one of three entertainment personalities covers for the 3rd anniversary of SYM (which stands for Symbolic) magazine. The other covers will feature popular blogger Carla Moore and actress Toni Belafonte.

The article gives an insight as to K'Coneil rise from his days in the musical group GAM (Godly Anointing Men) to his fast rising solo career. Below is an excerpt of the upcoming issue: The ladies man, a show stopper, a rising star who was born in Jamaica into an upbringing in the church, and biblical lifestyle.

Like the prophets in the bible who answered to their call, K'Coneil did the same. Transitioning from gospel, to sensual female lyrics coupled with his handsome and smoothed personality, K'Coneil has the ladies sweating for more. Leading him to his recent single dedicated to them titled ' Gyal A You'. He seems to be a one woman man kind of guy. Why? Two of his songs so far reassured that one particular female that she is the ONLY ONE.  

K'Coneil will be pushing the envelope to be known as the "girls dem artiste" he stated. "Beenie says him a the girl dem sugar, but him a the dark sugar them need a refined granulated sugar youth and that's where I come in lol. Big UP the boss Beenie Man," he joked. 

K'Coneil has performed along Beenie Man a number of times this year and they truly seem to have a very solid business relationship and this level of unity is what he intends to embody while giving major credit to his idol. Humble by this honor, K'Coneil stated "To be selected to be on the cover of SYM magazine, I am gracious and honored, thanks to Tilsa Wright and her team and I hope my fans go out and purchase as I have a lot to say in my interview".
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