Mavado (@Mavado_Gully) 'My Own' & 'Paypa' Featured on VIBE.COM

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Recently, dancehall superstar Mavado released his video for two single 'My Own & Paypah', which premiered on Worldstarhiphop.com in early October.

Uploaded on October 10, 2014 Mavado's video has received over 4.9 million hits to date on the prominent urban website.

Days later the popular urban magazine/website Vibe.com also featured Mavado's double hitter video and is currently getting a lot of views.

In the video you can see Mavado spitting his lyrics outside the mansion with some beautiful ladies and later counting his 'Paypah'.  

The single 'My Own' is currently getting a lot of play in the dances and on urban stations as the lyrics are so clear and hard hitting for all demographics to respond and relate to. The rhythm, "Good Book", produced by ZJ Liquid, is currently one of the more popular rhythms in the dancehall today. 

For Mavado this single has received a lot of traction and is one that the fans are loving. "I get feedback every other day about this tune, my fans tell me how the vibe and energy of the song is wicked on the riddim, so shooting the video was no question" says Mavado.

Click Here: VIBE.Com Watch Mavado Video 'My Own' & Paypah'
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