Optimus Productions TT (@Optimusprott) Scores with “No Ebola”

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Optimus Productions TT scores big with its latest release, the massively popular track “No Ebola” from Benjai and Screws, available worldwide from all major digital retailers on October 27, 2014, from FOX FUSE.

Tackling one of the biggest issues the world currently faces, “No Ebola” is a timely tune that has tongues wagging, across the Caribbean and beyond.

Lawmakers in Trinidad and Tobago have been recently debating whether they should cancel their annual carnival celebrations due to the Ebola outbreak, but Trinidadian soca artists Benjai and Screws fight back in typical calypsonian fashion, penning a tune in which they insist Ebola cannot stop soca and carnival revelers will be out there waving, jumping and wining with their gas masks, if need be. The catchy hook asks, “Who ready for the Ebola?” It then declares, “They can’t stop meh soca.”  

The song has sparked mass attention on this terrible disease and while some regard it as controversial and making light of an important subject, the track has prompted valuable dialog on how the disease is spread and how to protect oneself from it, especially during a very public celebration such as the 2015 Trinidad Carnival. 

The “No Ebola” audio-only video has racked up over 80,000 views collectively, since it debuted on YouTube just over a week ago, making it the most in-demand soca song currently. The thought-provoking, groovy soca track was produced by Jesse John of Optimus Productions TT, which is based in Palmiste, San Fernando in Trinidad and Tobago. 

John keeps his fingers on the pulse of the people and popular music, and with releases such as “No Ebola,” continues to stay at the forefront of the soca genre, globally.
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