Ranch Entertainment Enters Another Milestone

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As the home of industry veterans, Ranch Entertainment is a well respected production company and home of diamond selling, Grammy award winning artist Shaggy. Therefore, it is no surprise that they would be bombarded with inquiries and request to assist with distribution and "getting the music out there".

After much discussion, they listened to what the music fraternity was requesting in terms of service, knowledge and inventory and this became the genesis of  Ranch Distribution.

With the success of Ranch Entertainment a lot of people have been asking for advice on how to release their music and how to maximize their potential sales.  

The inquiries span across a wide array of genres and industry professionals, which made it clear that something was missing. Ranch Entertainment decided to create a separate division, which would provide a place for producers, artists and labels to digitally sell their music with transparency through their platform. "In todays world of digital sales, up and coming talents may struggle with the fundamentals of releasing their own music and may lack the business knowledge of how to structure their digital releases. 

So we created an outlet for those who we have existing relationships with" with additions to the roster in the future. says Jeff "Kue" Esposito Ranch Ent & Distribution Label Director . Ranch Distribution, which is a separate entity from Ranch Entertainment, the label, will allow record companies and producers, the ability to release their music via digital outlets. 

This service is one that will come with teaching clients the fundamentals of releasing music on their own platform through our distribution. Currently its first release is on, Ranch Distribution already has agreement with DJ N Music Group and Free World Ent. Seasoned in the music industry with a plethora of knowledge about the market and exemplary service Ranch Distribution is ready to provide producers, artists and companies with this digital sales platform.
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