Adahzeh Charms Redbones And Rocks Irvine Hall, UWI @AdahzehMusic @dempiremgnt

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JAMAICA'S all-female band Adahzeh was a hit at the Red Bones Blues Café in New Kingston, St Andrew, on Friday evening. As opening act for the Mystical Revolution band with guest performer Jah Bouks, the one-year-old musical outfit gave a revetting set that was no less entertaining than the headliners.

The five-member band - comprising Karissa Palmer (keyboards), Chevanse Palmer (bass), Tashana Barnett (drums), Tara Williamson (lead guitarist), and the life of the party, if ever there was one, Kadian Hamilton (lead vocalist) - not only matched their male counterparts on the show, but lived up to the tradition of high-standard sets by previous local female musical outfits.  

The vivacious Hamilton was the cheerleader, singer, dancer, all in one. Her performance of Try Jah Love, I Need U, Still Can't Believe, Knock On You and Should I was as infectious as her chirpy personality. Adahzeh earned a most deserving encore. Lead singer for the Mystical Revolution, Stun J gave an entertaining set, but it was guitarist/vocalist Gawayne Campbell's rendition of Knocking On Heaven's Doors was the most memorable. 

Closing act Jah Bouks did not disappoint, putting the lid on the concert with his lively stint of Ital, Cry Fi di Youths Dem, Mi Feel fi Bawl, Going Home to Africa, Equal Rights and Justice, Go weh Babylon, and his breakout hit Angola. Adahzeh continued their performance trail at Culturama at Irvine Hall, UWI Mona on Saturday November 1, 2014. 

After an amazing announcement from the MC Adahzeh took the stage with explosive energy and immediately got the crowd involved. Students were rocking , dancing and singing along to their vibrant selections such as Burn , Nah Fi Argue and a little preview of their soon to be released single Hop Scotch, which had the crowd going wild before closing out their set with new single Caliente Girls . 

Adahzeh thanks their supporters who made their performance at Redbones and Irvine Hall memorable.  
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