Alkaline Is In The News Again. This Time For Upseting Canadian Promoters

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The promoters of a show held in Toronto are crying foul after they claim the deejay didn't execute the job he was paid for; while Alkaline's tour team is claiming the opposite. Ricardo Henry of Rodeo Promo in Toronto told the WEEKEND STAR that after being paid in full, Alkaline refused to execute the job he was contracted to do. "It was a hosting party and was promoted as such.

He was not expected to perform and was only paid to meet and greet his fans but he didn't even do that," said Henry. "Alkaline came on stage, took the mic, said 'big-up Rodeo, the promoter' and made his exit. That was not the deal." Henry said he was made to look like a fool after Alkaline refused to do what he was paid to do.

"I'm a professional and I have dealt with a number of other artistes who are stalwarts in the business who understand who they are and what is required of them." He said scores of patrons who turned out to meet the entertainer left the venue disappointed. "Imagine, he is nowhere in the business yet, and he thinks he can treat his fans like that," he said.

The situation was brought to light via a Facebook post made by Rodeo Promos, and the artiste's team has since sought to clear the air. Damion Johnson, the man responsible for Alkaline's Canadian tour, claims that his artiste did exactly what he was paid for and says the harsh feelings may be stemming from the fact that Alkaline did not give the promoters a performance.
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