BigPond Music Announced It Will Close For Business On Dec. 12

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BigPond Music, the download store of leading telco Telstra and once the biggest of its kind in Australia, has announced it will close for business on Dec. 12. 

BigPond shared the news via its Twitter feed and Facebook page, noting it was with a "heavy heart" that BPM would shut down after more than 10 years in business. It's message is signed off, “Thanks for the memories”.
BigPond is one of the world's most competitive markets for digital music services and has been a major component for MP3 download and streaming of over 20 million licensed songs, which includes many Caribbean artists.

As BigPond Music is a purchase-to-own service, customers will retain ownership of any music downloaded by 11:59pm on December 11th.

Vouchers will be redeemable until that time and customer can also request a voucher refund.

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