Farmer Nappy "My House" Trinidad Soca 2015 @1FarmerNappy

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Farmer Nappy pens Letter to his 'House' - 'Soca'.
More than ever before the phrase "Home Is Where The Heart Is" should be embraced.  Home is an escape; a space of comfort, peace, relaxation and content, where troubles are forgotten. 

Understanding that this home, your home, my home, this house is not categorized solely as that place where a night's rest occurs is mandatory when listening to Farmer Nappy's newest release titled 'My House.'

In this release, Farmer has created the perfect ambiance that encourages a changed perception, one that encourages love for Soca music and West Indian culture which is "Home." Farmer is not singing about his house in the literal sense. 'My House' is Soca which was built up on his land; Trinidad and Tobago.  
Written by Jason " Shaft" Bishop and produced by De Red Boyz 'My House' promises to become an anthem that will stand the test of time.
Farmer Nappy pens Letter to his 'House' - 'Soca'.
When I thought about including you into my legacy; 
All the odds were against me, 
To ensure you were perfect was all I needed to see, 
To be a great builder was who I needed to be.
The bricks and loads of sand had to be perfect too, 
Adding some elements to you was all I needed to do. 
I made you glow as everyone watched; 
I added some shimmer and my special touch.
I knew there was something special about you; 
You quickly proved this to be true, 
You stole my heart as you grew into a better you, 
A better me is what I needed to be for you.
You see the land I chose for you to grow, 
It's a land that many  chose to sow, 
It's a land that I love so dear, 
I will continue to build it without fear.
My house that I've built, I share with others, 
It's not mine alone but I'll be damned if it's bothered, 
Don't mash it up, Just come in clean 
There is something special about this Soca scene.
"My house is Soca, we built it from a load of sand and bricks, all of us, not just the artistes. It belongs to us - all of us. Lets continue to build it together." 
- Farmer Nappy

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