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Born on December 31st 1989 on a small island in the Caribbean, called Grenada also known as the isle of spice. Dwayne also known as Adigun was born with a passion for music. At a very young age he attended piano classes.

As the years passed by he found out about a program called fruity loops also known as fl studio which became an instrument of creativity to him. He began build his beats in 2004 as a hobby, trying out ideas and passing them out to young upcoming artists of his age group. His gradually grew and he began to take on music on a serious level.

He also began singing on some of his beats. Now he is ready to take on the music industry and the rest of the world in order to get his music out there to the universe. All genres included, he has no barriers when it comes to genre and he keeps his music versatile as possible. Look out for big things and more from now till the end of his days. Music will live on.

Hit the flip to preview and download some of his recent work for Grenada Carnival 2014.

Click the Links Below to Download

Super D - Fete Mad(Soca 2014)

Baby L - Addicted(Soca 2014)

Flavorz Riddim(Soca 2014)

Outburst Riddim(Soca 2014)

Regenal G - Happy Day(Soca 2014)

Sun Angel - Soca Jumbie(Soca 2014)

D Amazing Riddim(Soca 2014)

Flavorz Riddim(Soca 2014)

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