Gage Ready to Clash Anyone at Sting 2014

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Fast rising Dancehall star Gage aka the Burning Sun is lyrically armed and dangerous. The red hot deejay who blazed onto the Dancehall scene over a year ago is ready to take on anyone who dares to clash him at Sting 2014.

“I’m ready for the clash, I don’t care who dem send to clash mi at Sting, mi ready fi di war. Mi ready fi anyone a dem, tell Laing and Heavy D fi send dem come.

Mi wi clash all Laing and heavy if a dat dem want,”.“When December 26th comes someone will be crying and I know it won't be Gage. Tell Alkaline, Tommy Lee, Rhyme Minista mi ready fi dem and anybody else who want to clash mi. I am ready,” said Gage.  

Gage recently thrilled fans in the Dancehall loving nation of Guyana with two masterful performances. “The people in Guyana sey a Beng alone run things in Guyana, the whole place a fi mi dem sey. Right now I am one of the biggest Dancehall acts in Guyana, the people over there love me.” Gage is currently promoting the video for his single called Hot Chick, which was produced by Dutty Fridaze Promotion Records. 

The video which was filmed during his recent tour of Canada is slated to premiere this Saturday on the ultra popular On Stage TV show on CVM TV.Also on the cards for Gage is the shooting of the video for another hot new single called Rock to the Bar.“We are getting ready to drop the Hot Chick video this week. I know the fans are going to love it. 

Before the end of the month they can look out for the Rock to the Bar video, we plan to shoot it some time next week,” said the artiste.Gage is slated to perform in Costa Rica this weekend.“I’m heading to Costa Rica for a show this Saturday, I’m in demand all over the world. I have to big up my hard working team for keeping my career on a high level. Big up Dutty Fridaze Promotion and Platinum Camp.”
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