@IamStylezMusic Releases ''Employer'' Video Produced By Grammy Winning Producer Magnedo7

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Pounding with a heavy trap beat, tinged with Jamaican patois, rising artist Stylez revels in the glory of hard work and indulgent ways releasing the official mini movie for single “Employer”.

Produced by Grammy winning producer Magnedo7, this genre fusing track deserved nothing less than a mini movie as the long awaited visuals debut.

Directed by Regulus Films and featuring the female dancing group “Flying Angels”, “Employer” delivers a sneaky backstory of deceit as Stylez manipulates the camera with his lyrical tale.  

While mainstream music fascinates on Reggae & Dancehall hybrid tracks, this fusion is the spark behind Stylez self branded style “Pop-Tois”. Tangling the flow of Dancehall with sounds of Urban Popular music, Stylez is excited of the visual release of “Employer” citing that the single ushers in a new level of music creativity. 

“This is new. It’s not in Dancehall right now, it’s not in Hip Hop right now. Finding that balance between my roots and my life is what I’m aiming for. I’m excited by this musical exploration” Filmed in Miami, “Employer” transforms Stylez into a “boss” while flashing to his street persona. Visuals feature spoils of success along with an international hustle, climaxing at a point that leaves the viewer curious for a continuation. 

While "Employer" hits the digital market, Stylez readies for his 2015 release of his debut album "Back To My Roots" along with the an accompanying documentary. If the hypnotic fusion of "Employer", teases the sensory, "Back To My Roots" will satisfy the palate. Check out "Employer" video below.

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