Inches (@inches246) 'Ready Fuh D Wuk'

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Produced by 1st KLASE Records, this 'Bashment Soca' captures the Caribbean flavors of music with a twist added to it with the Brazilian drums and 'pop' feel that is brings causing the listener to want to nod their head or for the ladies...'start to gyrate' be it in the office chair, in a fete or even in the gym.  

This tune is made to be enjoyed by both the 'feter' and the DJ with the bouncy feel but yet international standard as expected from both 1st Klase and Inches #PunDeRiddim. 

Prepare your ears for the evolution of soca and the crisp freshness of this beautiful fusion, as Inches and 1st Klase bring to you ...'READY FUH D WUK!!' 

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